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Maria Victoria Henao is a widow of narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar who was born in 1961. She is Columbian by birth. She is popular as the only wife of a head of Madeline cartel and drug lord Pablo Escobar. Albeit, he was killed by Police forces in 1993 but still want to know what happened to his family after his death.

Maria proved herself a loyal wife as she never left him despite his affairs with other women and his drug business. Pablo is responsible for the killing of 2000 people. Maria enjoyed a lavish life with him but Pablo’s demise changed her entire life. Here we will share some information about Maria Henao and what happened to her after the death of Escobar including where she is living now. Let’s dive into it.

Maria’s early life

Maria has a Columbian ancestry and spent her early life in her native town. There is no information about her education and career. She has one sister and one brother.

Her brother, Carlos was the best friend of Pablo. He was working with Escobar in his small enterprise. The first time, Maria met with Pablo due to her brother. Unluckily, her life remains under a veil to date before she met the drug king, Pablo.

First Meeting with Pablo

Her brother was worked with Pablo and introduced her sister when she was just 13 years old. Pablo romantically involved with her and they started their relationship despite the disapproval of her parents which turned out to be a lifelong relationship.

Marriage to Escobar

They dated for two years that led to their marriage despite great age gap as she was just 15 years old while Pablo was 26 when they got hitched. At age of 16, they welcomed their first child in 1977 while Maria gave birth to her second child in 1984.

The duo shared two kids together Juan and Manuela. As Pablo had well known and well-documented affairs with other mistresses but Maria remained silent despite knowing everything.

Maria Victoria Henao’s  Widowhood:

Pablo rules the world in the 80s but his power started to decline, finishing in his death in an encounter by Columbian police forces in 1993. His death came at a price and his family was not safe from the victims due to the criminal activities of Escobar. His family sought asylum but no country was agreed to take them.

Maria and her kids forged their identity. Maria fled to Mozambique with her children and later obtained the tourist visas of Argentina and settled there. She is living in Argentina with a modest standard of living. Now the life of Maria Victoria Henao is cloaked in secrecy. No one knows how much she has fortune now as a widow of world’s leading criminal and drug lord.

Final Words about Maria Victoria:

Maria Victoria Henao started her career in Argentina as the real estate agent. She was arrested with the charges of fake identity and money laundering case in 1999 and put to prison with her son for one and half year.

Later, the charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence and she was released. Now, Henao has been spending her life away from the media and public eye.