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Qatar is one of those states that needs to be visited and seen for one to believe how culturally fascinating it is, and possesses remarkable landscapes and architecture. It is one of the seven states of Arabia. It is situated in the Persian Gulf with its land next to Saudi Arabia. Though Qatar is a small country, it contains many diverse attractions for the tourists, and also has a developing tourism industry. The facilities of tourism are being produced on a daily basis, particularly in the capital city of Doha. Qatar is among the safest states for the tourists, and asserts the real wonders of generosity and friendliness that the Arabs are famous for.

Best things to do in Doha

Qatar is full of adventures; there are sand dunes, beaches and a great variety of food. This specialty is more to be seen in the city of Doha. One can ride a camel in the daytime, have lunch in a palace, enjoy sunbathe on the luxurious beaches of the Gulf, purchase art stuff from the amazing gallery, and spend the evening at the world’s most high-ranked nightclubs. Doha is developing and growing rapidly having numerous attractions to enjoy. Following is a list of the best activities to do in Doha if one desires to have adventure, enjoy the buzzing nightlife, and wants a blissful or cultural relaxation.

  1. Roaming around the Souq Waqif

First thing to do in Doha is to walk around the streets of Souq Waqif that are full of life. You will feel going into some other dimension. Souq Waqif is perfect for tasting, smelling and experiencing custom and tradition through the scents, and the amazing architecture around. There’s a variety of products ranging from spices and food items to clothing and handicrafts.

  1. Get astonished by the Pearl Qatar

The Pearl Qatar is known to be a man-made or an artificial island that became the essence of extravagance. The villas, yachts, and the high-end stores in the gated societies provides an thought-provoking perception regarding the lifestyle of the upper class people. There are different cafes and restaurants. Thus, the Pearl Qatar hosts a great number of tourists so they can enjoy premium way of living, and high class entertainment.

  1. Go on a sand dune adventure

One of the classic adventures one can experience is riding a camel and visiting a desert safari. Going on a desert is truly enjoying nature at its best. Across the sand dunes, there are many pathways. One can go on a smooth ride, but if you’re adventurous enough, you can take a bumpy and fast route as well. The desert safaris give a once in a lifetime experience to those who visit. Roaming around the pearly white beaches, and also going into the waters of the Khor Al Ubaid will make your visit worthwhile.

These are some of the main travel activities you can perform and enjoy being in Doha. These activities and experiences will make your tour exciting and memorable.