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Wall niche can be made for number of reasons, it can be for storage purpose or for decorating a plain wall. Adding pictures and art piece with wall niche can really enhance the overall look. It is mostly installed in any interior part of home. You can make niche in bathrooms and in kitchen where there is less space for things. Building a wall niche is easy if provided with the right tools and material. The important thing in creating anything new is to first plan it properly and then start working on it.

Step1. Spot wall niche location

Measure the portion of wall where you want to make the niche. If you decide a middle position for niche then through measurement mark the middle of wall. Make sure you have enough depth of wall to make a niche. Write down the measurement of the height, width and length of niche you wish to install.

Step2. Cleanness of work area

Clean work area is one of the main factors in making something yourself. Clean the area where you wish to make niche and make sure the wall surface is clean and free of adhesion-reducing substances. To fasten the build in set use sealant on the wall and then fix the box for a water proof installation.

Step3. Create an outline

With the measurement you have taken, make an outline of the niche size you want to create on a large sheet of paper. Join together you foam core boards. Measure the width of the sides you need in your space, according to the measurements cut the board with exacto knife. Now place your template on the top of boards and draw your arch on them. Cut the board according to niche template size.

Step 4. Cut wall for niche

Now that you have made a template, place that template on wall and tape it, trace the template with pencil. Make sure to level the lay out lines. Use a utility knife or drywall saw to knock out the wall. Before cutting the wall tape around the traced lines and then start cutting.

Step5. Form a box

To build a box for niche you need a 3/4 -inch plywood, the inside frame of niche will also be made with the plywood. To join the plywood, you will need wood glue and nails. Using wood glue attach the plywood piece in place and for support drive a nail on the seal. Before applying any paint or polish use a sandpaper to smoothen the box surfaces. Apply a layer of high-quality primer and let it dry for sometime and then apply paint layer.

Step6. Box fixing

The final step requires some extra care to avoid injuries that are caused from these kinds of activities or you can get the box installed by a carpenter. Use a   hammer or a nail gun to install the box. Fix the box in its place and see if there is any gap on the sides of the box, apply construction adhesive in the gaps. Use drywall tape and mud for smoothing of edges. Now apply primer and paint on the opening of niche. You can also add frame to niche for a finer look. Cut the desire size frame with help of niche template and paste it to the opening of niche with wood glue.