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It comprises of essential oils. It is mostly used by people who are fond of this particular smell of oils. The main purpose of diffuser is that it keeps the smell of the whole room fresh and good. Some other benefits which many people experience are, the mist which the diffuser ejects is good for the person’s skin and creating a soothing effect. It also helps to reduce the bacteria and the growth of fungi in the room which results in prevention of health issues. The main thing is the oil so make sure to use the right kind of oil for the diffuser. There are four different types of diffusers which are ultrasonic, heat, nubulizing and evaporative.

The evaporative diffuser requires only few drops of oil on its pad or filter. There is a fan set in the diffuser which blows the air through the filter or pad to make the oil evaporate and spread the fragrance to the whole room.

The heat diffuser is almost same as the evaporative diffuser. The only difference is that in the heat diffuser there is no fan. It uses the heat approach to spread the fragrance of the oil.

The nebulizer diffuser is a sophisticated one. In this device there is a tube in which oil has to be added. There is an air jet set across the top of the tube which sucks the oil at the top of the tube and blows the fumes of the oil into the air. This is known to be the most effective type in the diffusers. People can find in various designs too.

The ultrasonic diffusers are also based on humidifying diffusers. Like the other diffusers there is oil added on the pad which is then vibrated by the disk which causes the oil to break into tiny particles which are then diffused into a mist.


It is a device which is compatible with dry places. It maintains the moisture level of the room. It is best for people who live in dry places and want some humidity in their room. It prevents dry skin, nose bleeding and snoring issues. It is also beneficial for people who have cold, flu and sinus. Just like diffusers there are four types of humidifiers which are warm mist, evaporative, impeller and ultrasonic.

The warm mist humidifier boils water to produce steam which is then dispersed into the room.

In the evaporative humidifier, water is added into it which is then soaked up a filter. A fan is present in the device which blows the filtered water into the air.

The impeller humidifier is based on the spinning disk technology which breaks the water into tiny droplets then it is dispersed into the air.

An ultrasonic one uses the vibrating metal which makes sound vibrations. Through these vibrations the water molecules are broken down into tiny droplets which are then dispersed.

Which one to buy:

If you want to prevent yourself from any type of allergy then go for humidifier and if you have no problem with that then use diffuser.