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Having a business that will make you stay close to nature would be a prefect business for nature lovers and its something anyone can learn to do. Making a plant nursery at home is not something so tough. All you need is space for growing plants and a few hand tools. You will have to spare some time to spend in nursery, an hour daily can be enough for home nursery.


Carry out an analysis of the area before establishing your plant nursery, look out for the threats, opportunities and potential. Search for the market availability and the plants preferred in that area by talking to the customers, landscape designers or just have the opinion of local population. Study about nursery, know about the tools that would be required for gardening. Tools like gardening gloves, hose pipe and watering cans are necessary for gardening, you will find some of these tools already at home. The more tools you find at home the better it is as your initial cost will be less. Know about the threats such as diseases and pests that can attack your plants.

As you have gathered information about plants preference and market convenience, use this information to decide which plants to grow in nursery. The plants you chose based on the information you have gathered, now look for the plant’s climatic requirement, soil and water needs. Talk to the agricultural specialists in your area about the plants you desire to grow in nursery. Learn about the fertilizers which are best to use for your soil. Ask someone who has more knowledge about planting visit your nursery area and give you some advice regarding the changes that are required to make to that area.


Make a budget for the type of nursery you want to start. Retail and landscaping nursery are considered best for a home nursery. Retail and landscape nurseries are preferable because they serve as local market thus reducing delivering cost to customers.


As you have made an analysis of the weakness and threats in your nursery business, now it’s time to make a plan about what measures are required to overcome the threats and weakness. Create a nursery plan which consists of your plant production plan, as well as how to sell your produce to people. You can allow customers to visit your greenhouse for plants or you can create a different area for plants display.


Use internet or talk to the agriculture experts to find out the best place to shop supplies, such as tools and fertilizers at affordable price. You can find affordable supplies at you own by going to different shops for material like cutting tool, potting containers for plants and other nursery material, you can compare supplies prices from one shop to the other. You can buy the one that suits your budget.


Start planting plants with a plan, choose the suitable method for irrigation on the area of nursery, amount of plants and availability of water. If number of plants is less you can do watering yourself but if there is a large number of plants you can install pipes around your nursery and make perforations on the pipes at the place of a plant. This helps as drip irrigation and less water is wasted. It constantly waters your plants without making the soil waterlogged. Keep a check on plants on regular basis to carry out the required field activities such as weeding.