How to create an account on twitter?

This is the era of social media. Whether you agree or not, social media has a major role to play in our lives today, it has been screwed into our daily life as a source of mandatory utilities such as keeping ourselves updated, entertainment, news updates and even socializing. Twitter is one of the major sources of social media, but it is likely that one is yet unaware of it out of the rest of the social sites.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a blogging platform that allows you to share your opinion, links and visual posts. It has a huge number of user and is a popular Social networking site after Facebook. Twitter is used to connect with people who you intellectually connect with, talk to them and create a bond. You can even use Twitter to promote your blog, increase traffic and make your brand well known. Besides this, Twitter is a source of entertainment as well, showcasing content which is trend-setting with amazing GIFs, videos and images.

How to sign up in on this amazing adventure?

  • To start up, visit and click on signup after which you need to fill in the required information. This requires entering your Full name, your Email address and a new password for your Twitter account. If you wish to create an account for your blog, place the name off of your brand instead at the place of Full name.

After this, hit ‘Sign up for Twitter’ and now Twitter will address you by your username or brand name. This can be altered now or even later when you have thousands of twitter followers.

  • Go to ‘Create my account’, now twitter only requires continuous clicking. Twitter may offer some account recommendations for you to follow to help you start up. You can even refuse and cross this window because you may want to follow accounts of your choice. After all, social media is the place of freedom of thought and freedom of speech.
  • Once the account has been set up, Twitter needs verification of your authenticity, hence it will send you an Email to do so. You will be asked to click on the link in the Email for it. After this, the Twitter home page is viewed to you and logged in your new account.

Complete formalities and startup

Your new Twitter account is blank at the moment and you must be all excited to explore into it now. Now you will need to customize it according to you, fill in an interesting bio if the account concerns a brand then critical information about it in the bio.

During the process of this, you do not want to put privacy on your tweets, otherwise, you will be stuck with a limited audience, confined to your followers only. In a platform that provides exposure and multiple chances for you to engage with your potential customers and influential personals, putting on privacy will be plain destruction.

Click on Profile and enter all necessary details. If you are a brand, put your Website URL in the biofield to help your customers reach your cores.

Fernando Peters