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The pre-op diet is crucial because it enhances the nutritional status of your body and increases the outcome of your surgery. Moreover, it also helps you to reach your weight loss goals. This diet allows you to take low carbohydrate and low fats that resulting in to lower the extra fats around your liver. You need to take 850-1000 calorie per day when you are following the pre-op diet. This diet aids to lower the risk of complication during the gastric lap band surgery. This diet also helps you to prepare your body for the surgery and transition of liquid diet after the surgical process. Here, you can discover the complete information about the pre-op diet for lap band surgery.

The purpose of a pre-op diet for lap band surgery:

The purpose of this diet is that it helps to shrink the size of the liver and reduce the fat around the mid-section of the abdomen that makes the surgery easier for your surgeon. Additionally, when the accumulated fats reduced due to this diet, it also helps to reduce the potential of bleeding during the surgery. This diet works on more protein consumption that aid to preserve and protect the muscle tissues.

Pre-Op Diet Guidelines

You are permitted to take only 800 to 1200 calories per day with70-120 grams of protein when you are following this diet before your surgery. Here, we will discuss how you can follow the pre-op diet for lap band.

How to follow this pre-op diet for lap band

Although, this is a strict diet plan and it could be hard to follow it who are consuming more calories per day and like fatty foods and high carbohydrate foods in their daily routine. But the following tips will help those patients who are going to start this diet.

  • Take 3 meals per day with regular intervals
  • Eat those foods which have more protein, low fats, and low carbohydrates
  • Include vegetables in your daily meal for at least two times in a day
  • take fruit and nuts once in a day
  • Drink 3-4 liters of water per day
  • Don’t take alcoholic beverages
  • Take protein supplements, minerals & multivitamins.
  • Also, do some exercise and walk with this diet.

What to eat:

You should take more protein in your pre-op diet because protein keeps your muscles intact and boost the metabolism. You can take a protein supplement, protein shake or powder to reach your daily goal of protein consumption. You can mix the protein powder in nut milk, soy or skim milk. Also, take foods that are low in carbohydrate and fats.

What to avoid:

You need to avoid some foods when you are taking pre-op diets such as sugary foods, starch, high carbohydrate food, fried food, processed food, and alcoholic beverages etc. You must avoid cakes, pies, potatoes, bread, pasta, chocolates, rice, sugary fruit drinks, cereals, cookies, soda, energy drinks, pizza, sports drink, and sweetened drinks etc.


The above-mentioned guideline of pre-op diet for lap band will hugely help you for the positive outcome of surgery. If you have any suggestions, share with us in the comment box.