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If you don’t know about Ibn Battuta and want to know about him, you are standing at the right place for the reason that this guide covers all the details about him. Reading this guide, you will get to know about a comprehensive but short Ibn Battuta definition.

The great man was born in Tangier. But he took a wise decision to shorten his name as Ibn Battuta and now a very few people know him by his full name as everyone remembers him as Ibn Battuta. In the entire history of the earth, when we talk about the greatest travelers throughout the world, the name of Ibn Battuta comes at the top of the list. More than half of his life was spent traveling. What was the major reason behind? The major reason was that he wanted to perform hajj in Mecca and for this reason, he spent half of his life struggling in this.

A brief history and experiences of Ibn Battuta traveling life

When he started his journey, he first decided to explore the Middle East lands. Then to visit, Iran and Iraq, he went through the Arabian Desert. The year 1330 forced him to set out for Red sea, Aden, and Tanzania. In the year 1332, the India welcomed him open-heartedly as well as offered him a job to be appointed as a judge. He accepted the offer and offered his services as a judge in India for more than 5 to 7 years. Almost after spending 8 years in India, he decided to move towards China. In the year 1352, he started his voyage again to add to his life adventures and visited Desert Sahara, as well as Africa.

In the year 1355, he decided to return his home city. After coming back to his hometown, he told people about his life experiences but a very few believed him. The people wondered how he can travel all these places merely in a few years.

Ibn Battuta told about his travel experiences. Mostly he was shocked by the different type of cultures of different places of the world. The Mongols and Turks astonished him; especially he was surprised by the behavior of women there as they people provided their women a freedom of speech as it was not a normal thing at that time. When he was at Maldives, he noticed that the dress custom for women is really revealing. He told all of his experiences to the people and amazed them with interesting travel stories.

When Ibn Battuta completed his travel?

The Rihla of Ibn Battuta was almost complete in the year 1355. He was again appointed as a judge but this time in his own birthplace. He didn’t manage to perform his duties as a judge in his own hometown for so long and died in the year 1368.