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As the world is going towards modern age day by day the technology is getting stronger. At early age markets was found at a very low space than with the passage of time the demands of human  increases and the area of market increase. While after the 19th century the trend of a social media marketing is going towards its peak position. Almost every person on the world is familiar with  the social media and about 75% of population of the world is using a social media. It is the largest market place for a business person. Instagram and twitter is the two most  famous social media sites we are using now a days.  Getting popular on a social media is very essential if you want to do a business through social media marketing. On Instagram followers are everything to a user.  Here I am going to discuss some ways that how we can gain an Instagram likes.

  1. Engage

It is really very bad  habit to expect the like on your post from your follower while you are not doing the same task for his post. You have to engage people with notifications. When you like someone’s post the notification is pushed towards that person. There are 80% chances that the person who receives notification of your like or comment on his post check your timeline. This means that the likes given by you to any person is directly proportional to get a like back.

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  1. Hash tags

On Instagram hash tags plays very important role to get a like on your post. Simple is that you use famous hash tag on your post that is searched by many persons as they found your post they will also give a like on your post. You can also you 3 or more hash tags on a single post that helps you in increasing likes faster.

  1. Schedule

Specify your time of posting, don’t push many posts in only 5 minutes. Schedule your posts, specify a single hour in a day or 2 to 3 hours in a day  in which you will  post your content on Instagram. When you have posted any content then wait for some time and then post a new content.

  1. Follow

If you want to get more likes than first you have to get more followers and if you want more followers you need to follow many people. First follow the other people, most probably  they will give you follow back and like your post.

  1. Tagging

Tagging is basically of two types, one is tagging a people in your post and second one is tagging place of a picture. You can tag your friend in your post, by doing this the followers of your friend  also gives a like  to your post.

  1. Put the link of your id on the other social media apps.
  2. Post consistently
  3. Always post a good quality content and high-resolution  images and videos.